TSA Compatible Lock with Easy Read Dials

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TSA Compatible Lock with Easy Read Dials
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  • DURABLE LOCK: This lock uses an ultra tough alloy body to protect our locks from damage. Our hardened stainless steel internal lock mechanisms won't rust or freeze up even after years of use.
  • FOOLPROOF COMBINATION SETTING MECHANISM: Easily set your own combination with a simple flick of a switch. With the factory default combination of 000 entered, use a pen to flick the switch to the right. Enter your new combination and flick the switch back to the left. Setting your combination is easy.
  • EASY TO READ DIALS: SureLock uses a white numeral on a black background for our combination dials. These high contrast dials make reading your combination a breeze. No more squinting or searching for glasses as you try to open your locks.
  • TAMPER EVIDENT: If the lock is broken into, you’ll have clear evidence that your medications or Med Manager may have been tampered with.



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