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Designed by Dr. Harry L. Wingate III, MD, FACEP, the Med Manager is perfect for doctor’s visits because it holds all of your medications and your medical documents in one convenient place!

“Lack of information is at the heart of a lot of over-testing in medicine, and it translates into a loss of time with family and loss of time on the job. The personal stories I witnessed every day were very frustrating for myself and my patients, so one day I was inspired to come up with an organizational tool to help mitigate these common errors that we were seeing.

There is no product I'm aware of that organizes patients’ complex medication regimens and provides a central storage system for their critical medical information. In addition to securing medication, we have a weekly pill planner, pill cutter, magnifying glass, and a memo pad, as well as a calendar to help track vital numbers such as blood pressure, glucose, and weight.

All of these features in one place help to keep everything organized so when the patient comes to the doctor's office or has to go to the emergency room, the providers, nurses, and doctors can quickly go through the Med Manager and understand exactly what's going on with that patient.

The main goal is to provide better organization which we think will result in better care and better health cases.”

~ Dr. Harry L. Wingate III, MD, FACEP 

Dr. Wingate is a Georgia native who has been a member of the Oconee community for a number of years. Dr. Wingate is a 1984 cum laude graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a 1988 graduate of the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine. Dr. Wingate is a 1990 graduate of the Medical College of Georgia Family Practice Residency Program and holds board certifications in both Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Wingate has over 25 years of experience in emergency medicine and family practice and is the founder and associate editor of the Journal of Rural Emergency Medicine and past chair of the American College of Emergency Physicians section of rural emergency medicine. Dr. Wingate has held numerous leadership positions in professional organizations nationally and in rural hospitals throughout northeast Georgia. Dr. Wingate and his wife Ann are the parents of ten children, live in Watkinsville and are proud to be part of a vibrant and growing community.



Med Manager:
Your Medical Equipment Pros

The Med Manager is a product designed for ease of use and organization for your personal safety. This product was developed from a personal family experience. We too have had loved ones unable to organize their medication effectively due to personal illness and the mental trauma caused by that illness.

2016 Medicare Star Ratings Medication Adherence quality measures reveal that an average of only 3 in 4 patients being treated with diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol medications reach the minimum 80 percent adherence level. In other words, nearly 1 in 4 of the chronically ill patients that visit a pharmacy are at increased risk for complications and higher healthcare costs due to less-than-optimal adherence.

A recent Consumer Reports study released that 55% of adults take four or more medications and that number is steadily rising. With the number of medications increasing in today's society there is a higher chance an error could be made when a patient is taking their medications. In 2014 alone there were 124,000 deaths reported due to adverse drug effects and almost 1.3 million people admitted into the emergency room.

Patients become non-adherent for a variety of reasons: Many simply forget to take their medications, call in refills or pick up their prescriptions; weather conditions or limited transportation prevent them from making it to the pharmacy; medications may be too expensive or the patient may not budget properly to afford refills; and complex drug regimens may hinder the patient's ability to organize medications or complete the refill process.

The layout of the Med Manager was designed for ease-of-use based on some these issues faced during those experiences.

Developed and produced in the United States, the Med Manager is an affordable, easy way for you to store current medications and keep the important documents close by. In addition, there is our patented calendar that allows the patient to easily track their vitals on a day to day basis. No more of having to sort through piles of pillboxes, trying to find out what medications are up to date or not.

No more struggling to tell a new doctor what medications you are currently taking and which ones you aren’t. This product holds all of you essential documents and up to date medications in one seamless case. Instead of rummaging through the medicine cabinet, they pick up your Med Manager and know exactly what type of treatment you need; based on the medications and information they see displayed within this product.

EMT staff and emergency room doctors find this product can be a lifesaver. It helps save valuable time in emergencies.

We are out to help improve the lives of the millions of people of whom all especially deserve it. Viva strives to care for the mother's, fathers, sons and daughters to live in a safer, better world.

Partnering with Monroe Systems for Business, Med Managers have made it into the hands of tens of thousands of happy customers.